CBD Christmas

If you've just received a CBDirect Gift and are wondering what all these lovely little things are then please read on !

Our Indulgent CBD Hamper is designed to give you a chilled night in, a chance to grab a little bit of me time.

Run a hot bath, light your scented candle, take a couple of squares of delicious handmade CBD chocolate, drop in your bath bomb and let your troubles soak away for an hour or two.
When you're done, rub some balm onto any aches or pains you might have and take a few drops of CBD oil before you go to sleep.

You'll wake up like a new person ready for whatever life has to offer you !

Handmade CBD Chocolate

The Beneficial Chocolate Company follows a long tradition of Irish manufacturing handed down from father to son. Chocolatier, Michael Donegan, takes pride in producing artisan chocolate by hand and his unique bean-to-bar recipe has set the standard for all others to follow. Only the finest natural ingredients are used. Each batch of chocolate is gently roasted and granite-ground for up to 60 hours to allow the natural cocoa flavours to mature and deliver the best chocolate experience possible. 

These bars are sugar free, gluten free, vegan friendly and best of all - it's chocolate that's actually good for you ! 

Indulgent CBD Bath Bomb

Our luxurious CBD Bath Bombs are formulated to support relaxation and maximize your bodies natural recovery system. Infused with organic aromatic apricot and almond oil, essential oils such as lavender and each bath bomb contains a whopping 100mg of premium CBD. Just what you need to unwind after a very long year. With this self-care treat, bath time is bliss time.