We strive to make sure we are as environmentally conscious as possible in our daily lives, as well as our business operations. 

We’re using recyclable and reusable materials in all our packaging and products and we want to help spread awareness of the positive impact hemp can have on our planet.

Hemp products are more environmentally friendly than what is commonly in use today. Hemp plastic for example is fully biodegradable, Hemp-Crete is a sustainable and in many ways, superior alternative to concrete. Clothing, Bio-fuel, insulation, paper and food for both humans and animals can all be derived from hemp.

ABC go into some detail on the Australian hemp industry but the information is valid for the rest of the world too - well worth the watch if you want to learn some more of the plant's many uses. 


Hemp is also a great crop for the farming community as there are uses for every part of the plant from root to flower and everything in between.

As a break crop, it has been proven to provide better yield for winter crops such as wheat and corn owing to the soil and water purifying properties.

Hemp farmer Glyn Evans explains how and why he started growing hemp in Ireland and illustrates how the plant is used. 


Hemp takes C02 from the atmosphere and stores it in the plant permanently. 1 ton of hemp grown can absorb 1.6 tons of carbon, a tree can take 40 years to absorb 1 ton of carbon.

We're currently cutting down 15 billion trees a year, effectively we've reduced the tree population by 50% but Hemp can substitute all the materials for which we need to cut these trees down and can be done so in a more sustainable way according to this excellent video by Lance Latchman.


The stigma of the hemp plant is slowly being eradicated. It has a hugely important role to play in the fight to save our planet for future generations.