"I've worked with a lot of difficult patients and I've never met anyone who didn't feel even a little bit better after a 10 minute walk" 

This is a quote from Ivor Browne from an RTE documentary looking at St Brendans psychiatric facility in Dublin. Dr Browne maintained the position of clinical director and chief psychiatrist at the institution from the 1960's to 1990's. He has been a vocal opponent of pharma-first solutions for his entire career and proposed talking, fresh air and exercise as treatments for his patients.

Not everyone is interested in strenuous physical exercise but the act of moving is vitally important for our well being. A simple walk will boost your endorphins and have you feeling fantastic again - especially if you combine it with some fresh air.


If you can do a little bit of walking and a bit of stretching, you'll look and feel so much better in no time. Here's a simple full body routine which you can adapt to your ability. Not everyone is at Josh's level but just 15 minutes a day dedicated to yourself, no equipment necessary and you will be amazed how much better you'll feel in a couple of weeks.

You might find yourself even enjoying it !