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Oil - Natural

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We're so excited to bring you our natural flavour, 10% strength full spectrum CBD oil ! Our 10ml bottle contains 1000mg of CBD extracted from EU grown hemp and it boasts a cannabinoid profile that the others can only dream of.

Our full spectrum oil is unique, a new generation extraction method is being used to ensure the maximum beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes are not removed.

The principle is similar to CO2 technology. The solvent is added to the biomass and all desired compounds are extracted through compression. The solvent is then separated through expansion. But, when comparing this method to CO2 extraction, it employs milder process conditions as it operates at low temperature and low pressure.

This is an experience which we know you're going to love ! If you've tried other CBD oils before and weren't happy with the results, we really believe this one will open your mind to the potential benefits of this magical little plant.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Andrea Bradshaw
Very pleasantly surprised.

The drops under the tongue at night does help you get off to sleep. Great night's sleep. This is coming from one that suffers with insomnia and finds it hard to get off to sleep. My partner finds it great also. Less twisting and turning.

Kim Williams
Oil Natural

Great product and love the taste. Thank you.

Aaron Nugent

Oil - Natural

Linda Culleton
Excellent product

I would highly recommend this product for sleep and anxiety. I find it helpful to unwind and it’s brings me to a more relaxed state so therefore I have a great night sleep. Highly recommend

Excellent quality. Found the one.

If you've tried other CBD oils, you'll realize, from the moment you taste the drops, that this is a higher quality product than what you can find for similar prices. Highly recommended and have ordered again.